Our mission is to identify the best talent in the world and invest in it before anyone else, leveraging our background and our empathy to support our portfolio companies as they grow. We want to be your first check and first partner.

We do more than just provide capital. We help you plan your next chess moves by providing support around product, regulatory, compliance, and social media strategy.

 We are the team you want to work with as you build and scale. Our goal is to help you break down barriers and get to a checkmate.

Our thesis is simple

We aim to democratize access to financial information and capital by leveraging marketplaces, platforms, and networks, and by navigating regulatory barriers.


Traditionally non-tech industries are being transformed by technology globally. Everything has changed – the way we live, work, buy, and do business. Today, startups must address regulatory issues earlier, more often, and more aggressively, as government acts as a gatekeeper to access and innovation.
We get involved in the earliest stages of formation and support our portfolio as they navigate the “make or break” initial stages of building, educating them on the regulatory and compliance landscape they face, advising on product development to meet the needs of that landscape, and supporting them in building communities of scale.

Meet the team

Minal Hasan

Founder & General Partner

Anisha Sunkerneni

Investor, Crypto/Web3

Debbie Quement


Adam Bain

Head of Investor Relations